Sugar Breakthrough Online Program – Details

Feeling out-of-control with snack foods & desserts?


Have you tried low carb/keto diets with no success?


(Maybe you couldn’t resist the cravings or experienced weight gain)

Sugar Breakthrough  Self-Paced Program is a do-it-yourself approach to weight loss and sustainable lifestyle changes.

Get the inspiration & guidance you need right to your inbox so you can work at your own pace.


Sugar Breakthrough Self-Paced Program provides you with weekly videos & materials to help you personalize your plan so you can lose stubborn weight, improve your health & increase your energy.

Hi, I'm Stacey...

And I know exactly how you feel! Because I’ve been right where you are!

I spent 20 years stuck in a vicious yo-yo cycle of fad dieting that left me frustrated, angry and feeling completely defeated…

My cravings for breads, pasta, muffins, cookies and any other such treat was far greater than any diet plan I tried. 

I felt like a complete failure when it came to achieving my weight loss goals.

I followed each commercial diet plan with 100% precision…  but losing weight just wasn’t happening.

After that I decided to really dig in and understand just what I needed to do to lose weight, feel great and love my body again… so I became a Board Certified Life & Nutrition Coach, and tried something completely different…

I created my own plan with all the knowledge I had gained and guess what?

… I lost 30 pounds!

Lose Weight & Regain Your Health from the Comfort of your Home

Sugar Breakthrough is my premiere program that helps women:



It’s a deeper dive into your:


The goal is to help you break through your sugar cravings in a healthy & sustainable way

It’s time to find a long-term solution that will increase your energy & shed stubborn menopausal weight


Gain clarity & make eating enjoyable again


Make choices with confidence


Have a life without feeling deprived


Build habits for effortless weight loss


Avoid deprivation, stay satisfied & cut the cravings


Make this your LAST diet

Before and after photo of a successful weight loss client Jenny
Here’s what Jenny has to say!

I have been thrilled with my results from group coaching with Stacey Portugal…I have learned proper nutrition and how to view food as fuel for my body. …Stacey has continued to guide me, via group and one on one discussion, to use interim goals that will lead to my overall goals. I highly recommend Stacey’s program as well as her coaching. My life has been more open and welcoming to change thru this!”

Join Sugar Breakthrough!

Online Program

For those who'd like to lose or maintain their weight & get support as needed
$ 197 12 Week Program * Payment Plan Available
  • Sugar Breakthrough 68 page Guide
  • Health & Weight Loss Library
  • Weekly Recipes
  • FB Page Support
  • Email Support
  • Monthly Group Meetings that Include Current Health Hot Topics
  • Access to Recorded Meetings
  • Weekly Weight & Goal Tracking Service
  • Tracker Feedback
  • Guest Speakers

Hear what people are saying about working with Stacey

How would it feel to easily & confidently be able to pass up sweets?


Q: How do I know which Sugar Breakthrough Plan is right for me?

A: There’s 2 level of support to choose from: Group Plan & Online Plan. They’re both based on the same healthy food plan but the difference is the level of support you desire. See Sugar Breakthrough Group Program. The Online Program has MONTHLY meetings and is great for those who’d like to lose or maintain their weight with a self-led program and support via Facebook or email & monthly meetings.

See above to figure out which program is right for you or contact Stacey ( to talk about it.

Q: What kind of support can I expect with Sugar Breakthrough Online Program?

A: You’ll receive support directly in your inbox with weekly emails and you’ll have the option of joining our Facebook group to ask questions about the plan & receive weekly recipe and meal ideas. There will be live monthly meetings via Zoom conference to provide additional support.

Q: Is the diet plan hard; will I be hungry?

A: No! The diet plan is simple and delicious and there’s plenty of satisfying food & fun recipes!


"I have been a member of Stacey’s group coaching call for over 2 years. I look forward to these calls because I learn something about myself every week. Stacey is curious and smart. I appreciate that she is constantly learning to bring the latest wellness thinking to the group. She helps us make space for self-care and personal reflection, to make sure that we are intentional about how we spend our time and what we put in our mouths, so it is consistent with our values and goals...Stacey is a talented facilitator. The calls are conducted professionally with purpose and care."
Pam S.
Group Coaching Member

Favorite Quotes from Sugar Breakthrough Members

“When I get off the call, I feel like I’ve had a jumpstart”

“Weight loss is about self-care.”

“Once you get focused, it’s like a snowball that gets bigger & bigger”

“A bad day isn’t bad moment”

“…I feel like I’m doing something positive.”  

“This group; we support each other, we’re kind to one another…& this keeps me going”

“When you’re eating well, it helps you to be mentally fit”

“We’re not always going to say no to things.”

“I know I can do this; I’m gonna have ups & downs”

“I now have a firmer committment to what I want” 

“I don’t talk to anyone during the week about this stuff, just to this group”

“This is a support group; it’s more than just weight loss”

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