14 Day Detox - Special Quarantine Bundle


This special bundle is only available when you’re purchasing the 14 Day Detox product. Here’s what you’ll get with in the bundle:

  • Overcome Emotional Eating To Stop The Self-Sabotage
  • Low-Sugar Immunity Boosters & Recipes


Add this health boosting Quarantine Bundle to your 14-Day Sugar Detox Order

Here’s what you’ll get:

Overcome Emotional Eating to Stop The Self-Sabotage

If you find yourself giving into the stress, anxiety & uncertainty and you want to stop overeating so you can finally make traction in your weight loss goals. Includes guide + video that will STOP A BINGE!

Low Sugar Immunity Boosters and Recipe Builder

Create fun "shots" for a healthy immune system. Includes recipes & a builder that will help you make 100's of low-sugar drinks that will KEEP YOU HEALTHY WHILE LOSING WEIGHT. No juicer required!

Total Value = $37