Overcome Emotional Eating

Are you stuck in the house with tempting food?
Do you find yourself giving into the stress, anxiety &

                Does this sound familiar?

  • Feeling stressed and, without thinking, you’ve eaten the entire bag of chips

  • Binge watching Netflix with popcorn & chocolate

  • You’re coping with the stay-at-home with nightly cocktails & your favorite comfort foods

Hi, I’m Stacey Portugal

I’ve been exactly where you are today…using food to conceal emotions, eating without thinking & managing my stress in an unhealthy way.

I struggled for 20 years until I found strategies that worked and for the past 11 years I’ve shared it with clients & followers and it’s available now for YOU

As a Board Certified Life Coach I specialize in weight loss & nutrition and have helped hundreds of people create new habits result in weight loss, increased confidence & improved health.

Are you ready to TAKE CONTROL?



"Overcoming Emotional Eating to Stop the Self-Sabotage"


Take control & feel more confident


Stick to your plan & lose stubborn weight


Stop overeating & feel better in your body

"Stacey is curious and smart. I appreciate that she is constantly learning to bring the latest wellness thinking to the group. She helps us make space for self-care and personal reflection, to make sure that we are intentional about how we spend our time and what we put in our mouths, so it is consistent with our values and goals."

Here’s what you’ll get:

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"Yay!!! Stacey, it's almost like bread just doesn't have that emotional pull anymore. It was a PROCESS. And every once in a while I take a taste. But I got my last tummy ache, and it finally "clicked" - why would I eat something that makes me feel sick?! I also had an "aha" moment - the bread/cookies/etc. don't have any emotions. They do not have the ability to make me feel happy! "It's just a cookie"!!! Thank you again for all of your support - you have been such a wonderful coach."


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