Sugar Breakthrough Group Program Details

Keto/Low Carb Weight Loss Support

Lose stubborn weight, improve your health & increase your energy!

A personalized coaching approach in an intimate, supportive environment from a certified professional, all from the comfort of your own home



You’re feeling out of control with snacks & desserts


You’ve tried cutting back sugar & carbs but you’re not getting results


Keto/Low Carb Support is a weekly (virtual) weight loss support group facilitated by Stacey Portugal, a Board Certified Life Coach & Nutrition Educator.



  • Get the support you need with twice-weekly face-to-face (virtual) support to overcome your toughest weight loss challenges so you can ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL WEIGHT

  • Get inspiration & motivation from a group of like-minded women

  • Avoid weight stalls with support from Stacey

  • Overcome emotional eating & other forms of self-sabotage

  • Create routines that lead to better health & weight loss

Personal attention, proven results

This is not a one-size fits all approach to your health journey. With live coaching, I’m able to understand and respond to your needs in a customized way. And our intimate, small-group environment means that you’ll have a true community of supportive women with you every step of the way. 

I help women master all levels of low carb living (from keto to a lower carb health plan) with a fully customizable plan. NO MACROS COUNTING REQUIRED (unless you want to!).

In fact, 85% of the women who work with me stay in the program well beyond reaching their goal weight! The content I teach and the helpful group support empowers women just like you to achieve the best health of their life!

Before and after photo of a successful weight loss client Jenny
Here’s what Jenny has to say!

I have been thrilled with my results from group coaching with Stacey Portugal…I have learned proper nutrition and how to view food as fuel for my body. …Stacey has continued to guide me, via group and one on one discussion, to use interim goals that will lead to my overall goals. I highly recommend Stacey’s program as well as her coaching.

✅ 7 Day-a-week Support via Facebook & twice-weekly meetings (because real-life happens)

✅ Weekly live virtual office hours with Stacey & the group to help you stay on track and keep the weight loss moving

✅ Weekly live meetings to explore topics that will build your weight loss skills

✅ Stacey’s favorite recipes—easy, go-to delicious meals that you know are on-plan

✅ Personal tracker feedback from Stacey (if you want it!) to avoid plateaus

✅ Your customized macros or meal plan: so you can stop wasting time & finally step into the woman you’re meant to be.

✅ Access to recorded meetings (in case you miss a live session)



✅ BONUS (for a limited time): 1 FREE 30-minute private coaching session with Stacey 

Monthly Membership Price


How would it feel to easily & confidently pass up sweets?

Hi, I'm Stacey...

And I know exactly how you feel! Because I’ve been right where you are!

I spent 20 years stuck in a vicious yo-yo cycle of fad dieting that left me frustrated, angry and feeling completely defeated…

My cravings for breads, pasta, muffins, cookies and any other such treat was far greater than any diet plan I tried. 

I felt like a complete failure when it came to achieving my weight loss goals.

I followed each commercial diet plan with 100% precision…  but losing weight just wasn’t happening.

After that I decided to really dig in and understand just what I needed to do to lose weight, feel great and love my body again… so I became a Board Certified Life Coach & Keto Nutritionist, and tried something completely different…

I created my own plan with all the knowledge I had gained and guess what?

… I lost 30 pounds!

Hear what people are saying about working with Stacey

Stop wasting time – Reach your goal – Live your best life

Q: What day and time are the video conference call meetings and how long are the meetings?
A: Currently, Stacey’s office hours are on Wednesday’s & Saturday’s (but this schedule changes based on member requests). When you join, you’ll receive a schedule of current meeting days/times. All calls are recorded for your convenience. Meetings are approximately 30 minutes- 1 hour. Once you join, we’ll make sure that there’s a convenient meeting time for you. (Don’t hesitate to contact me with questions about this at
Q: Is the diet plan hard; will I be hungry?
A: No! The diet plan is simple and delicious and there’s plenty of satisfying food & fun recipes! New, fun & yummy products are an ongoing topic of discussion so you’ll have an ample supply of inspiration & new ideas. You’ll receive support to personalize the program to suit your taste & lifestyle & new recipes are posted weekly.
Q: What if I’m not on Facebook, can I still join Keto/Low Carb Weight Loss Support?
A: Since Facebook is the hub of this program, if you don’t want to be on Facebook or dislike computer technology then private coaching may be a better option for you.

Q: What if I need additional support?

A: Additional private coaching sessions are offered at a discounted rate to members.  If you’d like to know more about your additional support options, send me an email at

Q: Can you tell me more about the keto/low carb diet plan?

A: Sure! Stacey believes in a whole-food philosophy coupled with real-life & your individual tastes & needs. She’ll customize your plan to suit your preferences and needs and together, you ‘ll adjust accordingly as your weight drops & you start maintenance.

"I have been a member of Stacey’s group coaching call for over 2 years. I look forward to these calls because I learn something about myself every week. Stacey is curious and smart. I appreciate that she is constantly learning to bring the latest wellness thinking to the group. She helps us make space for self-care and personal reflection, to make sure that we are intentional about how we spend our time and what we put in our mouths, so it is consistent with our values and goals...Stacey is a talented facilitator. The calls are conducted professionally with purpose and care."
Pam S.
Group Coaching Member


Start thinking like a nutritionist & build the knowledge and confidence to make better choices


Create a goal-achieving way of thinking so that you can reach your personal milestones


Have a life without feeling deprived & avoid deprivation for effortless weight loss


Break free of the self-sabotage & build the habits that make weight loss easy


Avoid deprivation, stay satisfied & cut the cravings for good


Master & implement the skills to make this your LAST diet

“When I get off the call, I feel like I’ve had a jumpstart”

“Weight loss is about self-care.”

“Once you get focused, it’s like a snowball that gets bigger & bigger”

“A bad day isn’t bad moment”

“…I feel like I’m doing something positive.”  

“This group; we support each other, we’re kind to one another…& this keeps me going”

“When you’re eating well, it helps you to be mentally fit”

“We’re not always going to say no to things.”

“I know I can do this; I’m gonna have ups & downs”

“I now have a firmer commitment to what I want” 

“I don’t talk to anyone during the week about this stuff, just to this group”

“This is a support group; it’s more than just weight loss”

Want to create your own group or have questions about the program? Let's chat!


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