I've been exactly where you are today...

Frustrated & Defeated

I’m Stacey Portugal and I spent 20 years in a cycle of fad dieting that left me feeling frustrated and defeated.


I was craving certain foods; I had a hard time passing up temptation and couldn’t get any traction towards my weight loss goals.

… and I lost 30 pounds!

I was following a commercial diet 100% but losing weight was like watching paint dry…


Fast forward several years, after becoming a Board Certified Life & Nutrition Coach, I tried something completely different….

… and I lost 30 pounds!

Now, I help clients implement & master all levels of low carb living


I’m Stacey Portugal, a Board Certified Life Coach (BCC) specializing in health and weight loss.

I’ve been exactly where you are today; I spent 20 years on fad diets and felt frustrated with lackluster weight loss results.

I worked SO hard but I noticed that my body was weight loss resistant. I was craving certain foods and I felt “hooked” on things like rice and bread. I knew I needed to learn more about this so I decided to further my education about how food works in our bodies and how to move past stubborn weight and the effects of aging & menopause.

What I learned changed my life and my way of eating.

I lost 30 pounds

Now, I help clients implement & master all levels of low carb living.

Are you ready to gain control over your cravings, lose stubborn & improve your health?

The time to get started is RIGHT NOW. Don’t put your life & health off for another day.

You got this!

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