Want To Break Sugar Cravings For Good
WITHOUT Wasting Time, Energy & Money
On Plans That DON'T WORK?

The 14-Day Sugar Detox has helped 700+ women break FREE from the hold sugar had on them and step into a healthier life.

You could be next, and you don’t have to do it alone!

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We all have more time on our hands than usual right now. The question is, how are we spending it when it comes to our food and the choices we make? 

And during a crisis, all too often we find ourselves reaching for comfort food.

  • “I’ll just have one more … no one will know!”
  • “Crap! I shouldn’t have had that last doughnut!”
  • “Why do my joints hurt every day?”
  • “Ugh … I can’t think straight. I feel like I’m in a brain fog!”
  • “Why can’t I just find a diet plan that actually works?”

I’ve spent the last 11 years teaching women how to eliminate sugar from their diets.

The methods, secrets, tips, and tactics I use in the 14-Day Sugar Detox are responsible for helping more than 700 hundred women and counting gain control over sugar!

I’m tired of watching women waste time, energy, and countless dollars trying to lose weight and feel great with food plans that don’t work.

And to be honest, for far too long, I WAS that woman. I spent 20 years in a cycle of fad dieting that left me feeling frustrated and defeated.

I was craving certain foods all the time. I had a hard time passing up temptation and couldn’t get any traction towards my goals.

I set off on a journey to figure out what REALLY worked. I became a Board Certified Life & Nutrition Coach, and armed with the knowledge and training I’d received, I tried something completely different.

And I lost 30 pounds!

So I took everything I discovered about food, nutrition, and the human body and created an actionable, effective plan that WORKS to reset body systems, increase metabolism, and reduce inflammation.

That plan is the 14-Day Sugar Detox. This plan eliminates all the guesswork on how you should nourish and care for your body. You’ll never again waste time, energy AND MONEY in your pursuit of a sustainable diet plan.

Are you ready to feel the BEST you’ve ever felt?

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Scientific studies have shown doing a sugar detox can help reset the digestive system, restore metabolism, and reduce inflammation that can cause joint pain, digestive issues, and blood sugar instability.

The 14-Day Sugar Detox Challenge is specifically designed for results WITHOUT feeling fatigued, deprived, or out of control. Participants have reported:

Meet Andrea…

“Loved being on the detox program. Having the structured whole food choices gave me the satisfaction that I was eating healthy, limiting my carbs & sugars while losing weight! I didn’t think I had the willpower to last 10 days but I felt so at ease with the program I did it for 30 days!”

This Challenge Is For Women Who Are Ready To …

A complete walk-through regarding the 14-Day Sugar Detox Challenge including mindset, foods, lists, support and so much more! The workbook is the perfect place for women to write down all their starting numbers, thoughts, and goals inside.

Once purchased, participants get immediate access to everything! No waiting for content. You can work the detox at your own pace!

Save time (and money) with the provided grocery list. Never again wonder what should be added to the cart! The challenge covers EVERYTHING.

Got questions? I’ve got answers! I’m active in the Facebook group (see more info below), answering questions and providing encouragement. There’s also a Zoom-style Q&A so Stacey can answer your questions live.

Take the guesswork out of what to eat and what to avoid. Participants will receive recipes designed to keep them feeling satisfied – not deprived – throughout the detox process.

Participants will receive emails every few days with tips and strategies for building happy, healthy daily routines that will set them up for success to finally achieve their health goals.

A private community of like-minded women who support and help each other as we achieve our goals together. It’s actually where the magic really happens. Use hashtag #14DaySugarDetox to post questions or fun, inspiring photos. 

Guidelines for next steps so each woman can continue to experience the benefits of the 14-Day Sugar Detox Challenge long after the challenge is done.

30 MINUTE PRIVATE SUPPORT SESSION WITH STACEY        Designed to help you navigate your own personal challenges to maintain a low-sugar lifestyle.

HOW TO BUILD A PROTEIN BOWL                                          Make hundreds of delicious & creative meals & snacks.

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How Does This Challenge Work?

Participants will receive an email with all the resources they need to get started, including the Getting Started Guide & Prep Workbook, Grocery List, Recipes, and more. They’ll each be given access to the private Facebook community, where they’ll find other women just like them who support and encourage each other on the journey. I’m also in the Facebook group to answer any questions and give feedback. I check in every few days via email with new Daily Routines to help set up healthy habits for lasting results and include Next Steps information for ongoing sugar control.


What If I Have Special Dietary Needs?

This program is gluten-free and can be modified for vegetarians & food allergies/sensitivities (please contact Stacey for more information on this before purchasing).


What Results Might I Expect From This Challenge?

Although results vary and this is not a guarantee of results, previous participants in this challenge have experienced an average weight loss of around 5 pounds. They also report feeling more energy and drive, less inflammation and bloating, reduced sugar cravings, more mental clarity and focus, and more control over their food choices.


My Life Is So Busy. Will I Have Time For This?

Yes! The 14-Day Sugar Detox Challenge makes it easy. Everything you need is included in the challenge, from shopping lists and recipes to daily routines and built in support. We help participants plan ahead so they can make healthier choices and avoid falling into the “whatever’s easy and fast (and often unhealthy)” choices.

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